Dooars is a mesmerizing destination known as the gateway to Bhutan and is a popular tourist destination in India due to its untouched natural beauty. It provides its visitors with a relaxing vacation in a destination full of natural and peaceful surroundings that take away the stress of regular problems of life.

For anyone that’s planning a trip to this amazing destination booking a good hotel in Murti Dooars is recommended as it is a great location for accommodation. Although a trip to Dooars is already an amazing experience but choosing good accommodation situated at a good location can make the holiday experience better.

Dooars is not only a great vacation destination but it is also the gateway to a natural paradise, beautiful Eastern Himalayas, and the mesmerizing Bhutan. It offers its visitors emerald green tree gardens, majestic forests, and a diverse range of flora and fauna which makes for a great holiday experience.

Fascinating Wildlife

Dooars is famous for its amazing wildlife diversity as most of its places are covered in lush forests and it is famous for being the home of many wildlife reserves and national parks. Visitors can spot many wild animals that can including one-horned rhinoceros, leopards, Indian elephants, Indian Gaur, Royal Bengal Tiger, spotted dear, barking deer, and many more.

Natural Beauty

As aforementioned Dooars is a region that is blessed with natural beauty which provides a peaceful vacation experience to its visitors. It is also a destination made up of several towns and districts it offers a ton of mesmerizing places to visit and amazing attractions to see.

Delicious Traditional Foods

As Dooars is a mix of several different and vibrant cultures and communities it offers many delicious traditional and non-traditional cuisines for visitors to try. Travelers can experience a range of cuisines including Nepali, Santali, Lepcha, and Bengali dishes with north and south Indian foods being served in restaurants and other local delicacies.


Dooars not only offers a peaceful holiday full of beautiful nature and relaxing surroundings but it also gives visitors enthralling activities and adventures for a memorable holiday. Activities can include trekking, camping, fishing, bird watching, and different types of jungle safaris.

Fascinating Attractions

Dooars is filled with numerous amount of attractions and places to visit as it is made up of many different regions. Travelers can visit different places like Gorumara National Park, Champamari Forest, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Murti, Buxa Fort, and many others places.

To get the best holiday in Dooars it is recommended to book a good hotel in Murti Dooars as good accommodation can make holidays better and more comfortable. A good hotel can provide a range of amenities that improve the holiday experience making it more memorable and enjoyable.